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About Smitty McJangers, LLC
Smitty McJangers, LLC is the brainchild of Larry Moskowitz.

Larry started at Zurich Insurance and has been in the Risk Transfer business for over 20 years and is known as a “thought provoker” and “provocateur”. “I have had an interest in finance since I was a child. After graduating from college, I went in to a 3rd Generation largest distributors of auto adhesives in the NY state area. There I learned the importance of financial planning and prepping for the future. I studied at the School of Hard Knocks” and made many lessons in my time, that is why I can serve my clients so well- I have been where they are. I “get it”, said Larry.

As a result of his dedication to his clients and passion for professional development Larry received his accreditation in Captive Insurance Planning. This was  as a result of seeing clients be refused claims that they could otherwise insure themselves against. Larry’s client roster includes law firms, accounting firms, other advisorys, professionals, entrepreneurs, businesses to just to name a few.

Please take the time to peruse this site where you will find a host of educational materials on the subject of captives and captive investing.

Have a question- contact me now at for a free financial strategy session.

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