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Captive Insurance Advocacy, does it work for your business?
Is your business insured against the hidden risks that it faces?    

Most businesses are familiar with the risks inherent to their industry that encompass such things as employment, manufacturing, transportation, providing products and services to the public, property and liability risks.

But they are not aware of the “hidden risks” that can have a disastrous effect on their business. These types of risks can cripple a business if not properly insured against. They are things such as:

  • 1. An executive or employee with years of corporate knowledge leaves the business.
  • 2. Suppliers interrupt or are delayed in delivering necessary goods.
  • 3. There are mergers and acquisitions that change the competitive landscape.
  • 4. Legal changes to employment practices.
  • 5. Cyber breaches that compromise sensitive or confidential corporate and client data.
  • 6. An increase in disability claims.
  • 7. Natural or man-made disasters occur.
  • 8. Damage to the brand or company’s reputation.
  • 9. Policy deductibles that are too high to warrant making claims.

Any of these risks can have a potentially catastrophic effect on your business, but they may not happen often and are not as clearly identified as traditional business risks. Most business owners are actually self-insuring for these risks – even without having planned it that way. This means that businesses and sometimes the shareholders are left with the liability of paying out these claims.

So, what can be done about these “hidden risks”? Form a Captive Insurance Company of your own.

Captives are an alternative approach to traditional risk management strategies.

SMJ’s extensive approach to risk analysis and assessment uncovers these hidden risks and finds innovative, cost-effective ways to protect against them. We provide peace of mind and a structured form of mitigation of major risks and losses. For more information on Captives, click below:

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